Nature gives us the path that we walk together

For many things in life there is a manual.

This also applies to wine, of course! Here it depends mainly on two factors: Man, and nature. Bringing these into balance is only possible together. For this reason, we focus on sustainable and resource-conserving management.

The careful & gentle treatment of nature is particularly important

We have been taught this from an early age. Thus, we do not use any chemical aids in soil cultivation. Only healthy vines can best protect themselves against external influences. Therefore, we support them with a balanced foliage work as well as with various native greening plants.

Plant protection is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for us winemakers

Downy mildew and powdery mildew are our biggest competitors. We support our vines only with the most necessary aids and thus try to protect them as well as possible.

The quality grows in the vineyard

Our philosophy is to strengthen the vines so that they can provide us with healthy and ripe grapes for our wines until harvest.

At the same time, however, we strive to bring this quality into the bottle with modern technology and a little patience. Here we try gently and with passion to produce a great product for our guests. Time and effort play more of a secondary role.